How to Install Conservatory Drapes

If you have got a conservatory you’ve most likely come across the problem of excessive heat in the summer months and Arctic temperatures in winter. There are many ways to combat this common problem, you can install expensive underfloor heating or go for the cheaper option of underfloor installation. Other options include double glazing, air conditioning and heating, but a great inexpensive option would be to add blinds and conservatory drapes.

Finding the right blinds and drapes can really improve the look of a conservatory but they must be installed correctly and not damage the frame – a damaged frame can create major problems to the structure and often allow water to enter the glass partitions or interior.

Most conservatories have sloped glass roofs, often with triangular sections which can make it hard to find exact matching roller blinds or curtains, this is where some creativity can come in to play.


You will need cream voile or muslin fabric, enough to cover the roof plus an additional 3rd to allow for gathering to create an attractive drape. Small curtain hooks but if it’s not possible to screw directly in to the frame of the conservatory you can use adhesive Velcro. Thin wire.


The installation process is relatively simple but will require help from someone else, mainly to hold the ladder and to pass things up.

Depending on the style of of your conservatory the drapes can either hang from a central point or along the highest roof bar which joins the gable ends. place a wire from the the 2 highest points and hang your material from it, next attach your drapes and pull them out the adjoining walls to create roof covers.

Use your curtain hooks or Velcro to fix the roof to the walls and add upright curtains to create your attractive conservatory drapes. You can place tiebacks at points along the conservatory uprights to allow light in if required.

Care of your Conservatory Drapes

Periodically take down the curtains to wash them but you can also carefully vacuum the upright sections of fabric and roof material to remove dust and dead bugs